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  • Globally Sourced

    Our premium coffee is made with ethically sourced coffee beans from all over the world. We pride ourselves on the highest quality coffee.

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    Fresh Roasted

    Terminal Brew's coffee is freshly roasted and shipped straight to your door. This ensures you have the freshest coffee and best drinking experience possible.

Cyber Threat Intel

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  • New Backdoor targeting Apple MacOS (RustDoor) - Terminal Brew

    New Backdoor targeting Apple MacOS (RustDoor)

    New Backdoor targeting Apple MacOS (RustDoor)
  • Sandman APT - Terminal Brew

    Sandman APT

    Researchers recently discovered that the APT group Sandman, known for it's targeting of telecommunications companies, has been directly associated to a Chinese based backdoor (KEYPLUG). 
  • Apple Zero Click Spyware - Terminal Brew

    Apple Zero Click Spyware

    Apple zero-click iMessage exploit allows an attacker to infect iPhones with spyware without any interaction from the end user.
  • Testimonial

    I absolutely love this stuff! This has to be the best coffee I've ever had. Tried a Python this time and loved it, but can't wait to try the rest.

  • Testimonial

    Nothing like a great cup of coffee to start the day. Even better when it motivates you to keep working on scripts.